[VTC]VineGen ABNF Tools Version 1.0 for Solaris on Sparc

2009-05-25 19:46:34

VineGen Text Compiler, or VTC is an ABNF parser which generates parser code from
a user-provided ABNF definition file.
VTC generates "complete" source code. For that, the VTC user adds extension rules
to an ABNF file. Once complete parser code generated, C language functions can be
called from your application code, like a library function.
The generated code needs no editing.
This provides great advantages in processing encoding/decoding functions
for initial development and for growing with subsequence releases.

=== Requirements for using VTC. =================
- for a Linux box: Linux 2.6.18 or higher, with gcc 3.4.6 or higher
- for a Solaris box: SunOS 5.8 or higher with gcc gcc 3.4.6 or higher
- for a Windows-based one: Windows XP with Visual Studio 2008

=== Disclaimer ===================================
VineGen Inc. reserves the right to change this product without prior notice.
No responsibility is assumed by VineGen Inc for the web site links used
in this manual; nor for any infringement of patents or other rights of
third parties which may result from its use. No license is granted by
implication or otherwise under the patent rights of VineGen Inc.

=== Installation ==================================
Uncompress the zip file into a directory you wish to install in.
And set the environment variable VTC_HOME to the directory.
To run the test suite in the package, you will need to install Ruby 1.8.5 or higher
with Rake.

=== Getting to know what's in there ===============
Once the zip file is uncompressed and VTC_HOME is set, you can go to
the testsuite directory where automated tests provided, and type:

% rake

then, it will generate c source files from a couple of ABNF defintion files(
'Session Description Protocol' and 'Session Initiation Protocol') into the 'gen'
direcotry and compile the generated source files and test suite files under the 'test'
directory. And finally, it will run the linked test suite executables with raw message
files(*.msg) to show test result.

Since then, you can play with the tests like:

- by changing attribute values in the .msg files
- by changing an ABNF file(.tc file) to see its effect

Also, you can go to the samples directory to play with the provided samples
without automated tests.

=== Limitations and Known Bugs ====================

For information on the limitations and known bugs, please see the VineGen
Reference Manual, specifically the section on Limitations.

=== Technical Support =============================

For help or information, contact VineGen 24 hours/day.

Telephone: +82-70-7580-5360
FAX: +82-31-756-5308

  • vtc_solaris.tar.gz (1.2MB)

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