About us

Vinegen is developing VOIP technologies and we have skills of Text compiler, SIP Toolkit and Multimedia Platform for VOIP.

■ The outline

    Company VineGen Incorporation
    Foundation October.11.2007
Software/VOIP software development.
Packet Telephony Solution
    Intellectual property 1 patent application.
    Tel & Fax
TEL) 070-7580-5360
Fax) 031-756-5308

■ The enterprise principle

  Vinegen is a compound word of vine and generation, it means spreading abroad like a vine with giving shape to complicatedly interwined networks.
  The vinegen incorporation’s mission is a software development to offer compatibility and flexibility for every type of packet telephony systems. To offer unified mechanism and all of software for fast and cost-efficient multi-services system concurrently.
  Because building complete and consistence system makes big project more reliable and smaller, system building is available with lower price and faster.
  The vinegen incorporation’s pursuit of trust is focused on customers. The vinegen incorporation will grow to global-company which can effort to accept and understand customer's changes all the time.
  The vinegen incorporation will be "global reader" by "the greatest satisfaction of customer"