VMP(Vine Multimedia Platform) is a high-speed VOIP media process platform which provides more than 5Gbps bandwidth.

● specification

- High Performance

   5Gbps Throughput Media Relay is provided and supporting more than 20,000 sessions is possible.

- Reliability & Scalability

   Since using the ATCA Platform, not only a high-speed media process but also well-balanced are provided. Also, n+1 structure which is easy to extend is provided by Network Service Blade.

- Security

   Through providing TLS, MIKEY, SRTP and IPsec, necessary functions for Signaling of secured communication and Media Gateway are provided.

● Development platform H/W structure

● Development platform CPU Blade and relation between NSP Blade

● Development platform Logical S/W structure and development zone

① SIP B2BUA/Proxy
    Signaling Control uses B2BUA and Proxy of SIP.

② Data Plane Control
    1st Phase : Dynamic NAPT/RTP relay , Access Control
    2nd Phase: IP Dos protection
    3rd Phase : Security(IPSec, IKE, SRTP, …), Compress/Decompress, Regex, pattern-match for IPS
    4th Phase : Media Codec Transtation(G.7xx ←→ AMR), Routing(OSPF, RIP, ...)

③ Load Balance
    Session Routing, Media Based, Load Balancing

④ Traffic Control
    ⓐ Policy - Session Capacity, Session Rate, Access Control, Bandwidth
    ⓑ Accounting
    ⓒ QOS Reporting
⑤ Fast Path Manager/Agent
    It ensure direct high-speed communication between Control Plane and Data Plane in MCNP(Multi-Core Network Processor) Platform.

⑥ Management
    ⓐ CLI ⓑ SYSLOG ⓒ XML ⓓ SNMP ⓔConfiguration Repository