VTC is a powerful development tool that can build fast by making up for the weak points in Hand Coding of network protocol's text-basis. Also it is Text Compiler that can develop flexibly for various applied service's Application-aware Networking which is spreading nowadays.


- Performance Oriented Compiler
- Code Generation : Compiler basis function
- ANSI C, Multi-threading support
- ABNF(RFC2234) observance
- Multiplicity: 3type Generation Mode support
    1. Embedded-Optimized : For embedded system without diagnostic
    2. Space-Optimized : Minimizing use of memory
    3. Time-Optimized : Fast speed Optimized
- ABNF Grammar in various case documents creation is provided
- ABNF Grammar Verification operating
- For a high-performance uses character256Array instead of C string function
- At Runtime predefined memory structure uses instead of malloc and free
- Optional support List-form's type to pointer and array form
- Both of pointer type support pointing Read buffer form and copying form
- Predictive parsing tables: organization Control table by input ABNF
- Prioritized-Choice Disambiguation: making parsing order of input ABNF Parsing
- Syntactic and Semantic Predicates : Verification

[Patent application] 10-2007-0060822 Text compiler added rule and memory structure

* Extension Rule

Extention Rule



It doesn't have sequence( out of order Element, SETrulelikeASN.1 )


ProtocolDataUnit for encoding/decoding




Direct variablename


Direct choicename


Direct bitmaskname


Same as typedef


It is used only literal, and the literal is case-insensitive


When there exist severalalternation , user can direct ALT, it processatlast


When alternation element terminated same char, user can definenextchars


It is used for other type generation and has relation about decoding rule, so itdoesn'tappearelementinuserstruct


it consists of 2 element, skipping and the data element. The skippingelementisnumberofskippingbyte and data element is next processing element

* Process

It is developed by adding extension rules to the text compiler which follow ABNF(RFC2234) that is common used in making the internet standards. The used processor when developing and executing the compiler is the ABNF-input that use created data structure and control table those are used in encoding and decoding of C language.


-. val in ABNF is not supported
-. Maximum value of unlimited repeat is considered 9999.
- In case of bin-val, dec-val, hex-val, max series of concatenation is 80.
-. Incase of hex-val value must be ranged 0-255.
-. Rule must be terminated ";" string, it is used delimiter between rule.
-. Rule is not support more than one optional element in union
    because of difficulty of defining structure.
    Ex) "A=B|C[D]|E" must changed "A = B | newRule | E and newRule= C [D]
- Rule name is case sensitive and not support “-” character because of generation C structure.

* Generation of C Structure