■ VTC(Vine Text Compiler)

VTC is a powerful development tool that can build fast by making up for the weak points in Hand Coding of network protocol's text-basis. Also it is Text Compiler that can develop flexibly for various applied service's Application-aware Networking which is spreading nowadays.

■ VST(Vine SIP Toolkit)

VST, sip toolkit using VCT(Vine Text Compiler), provides functions for software of VOIP video phone in various embedded systems. This module can be used for interlock and verification of other systems.

■ VMP(Vine Multimedia Platform)

VMP(Vine Multimedia Platform) is a high-speed VOIP media process platform which provides more than 5Gbps bandwidth.

- High Performance
5Gbps Throughput Media Relay is provided and supporting more than 20,000 sessions is possible.

- Reliability & Scalability
Since using the ATCA Platform, not only a high-speed media process but also well-balanced are provided. Also, n+1 structure which is easy to extend is provided by Network Service Blade.

- Security
Through providing TLS, MIKEY, SRTP and IPsec, necessary functions for Signaling of secured communication and Media Gateway are provided.

■ VAP(Vine Active Prober)

Checking on every packet flowing at VoIP net in real time, Vine Active Prober detects call signal packet which is delivered to the call collect server that an operator chooses. With this process, the operator is able to distinguish sessions. Based on ISI Layer 3 (Source/Destination IP), Layer 4 (Source/Destination Port), and dial number of other information on Layer 5 which is call signal, Layer 4(Source/Destination Port)and Layer 5 which are call signal 로), Vine Active Prober also works on a blacklist on a call that the operate determines to be fraud. With the completed blacklist, Vine Active Prober is the device that checks an incoming call signal in real time and performs the block or the reroute according to an action.

■ VFC(Vine Firewall Card)

Vine Firewall Card is an optional device to protect network environment existing between two service providers in the interworking system and VoIP Core network seen between backbone network and access network. As routing VoIP Media Resource and supporting the encoding function between nets, it either encodes media from telephone network without the encoding function or makes encoded media from another net communicate on the phone without the encoding function.


UC FRONT is the inspection system for on-line telephone-only firewall and intrusion detection. It is designed for flawless provision of various services by VoIP about terminal which is installed at NAT/firewall of companies and common carriers. It is made to set up SIP of VoIP and protect service based on RTP media transmission protocol. It also quickly and efficiently detects SIP flooding, DoS attack, Spam attack, charging attack, and RTP attack by using monitoring system of UC FRONT. It is the hardware all-in-one VoIP-only security device with the best functions.